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Telly and Gabriel Award Winning Pianist Matthew Mayer’s career has taken him from small town South Dakota, to the red carpet of Hollywood. His performances began with Mayer doing one-man shows in the waiting room of a chiropractic clinic in Canistota (town of 700 where Mayer grew up), to sharing the stage with Grammy Nominated and Well Known Artists from around the world.

Mayer recently embarked on a 4-City Sold Out Croatia Tour in the National Theaters of Zagreb, Rijeka, Split, and Varazdin, to open for Croatia’s most versatile and expressive pianists, Matej Mestrovic, along with Turkey’s Hakan Ali Toker, and Croatia’s own Matija Dedic.

Mayer most recently received a Parents’ Choice Silver Honor Award for his latest Children’s Piano album, Art, along with a Silver Medal Outstanding Achievement acknowledgement by the Global Music Awards.

Among his many well known compositions, his original piano song Beyond was ranked by Spain’s Reviews New Age Company as one of the Top 50 Piano Songs written of All Time. The same song was noticed by The International Accoustic Music Awards, recognizing it as a Top 10 Instrumental Composition of that year’s field.

Mayer recently released his 11th album, Ardor, and it’s being met with rave reviews.

Matthew Mayer was twelve years old when he walked out the front door of his house, in Canistota, South Dakota, and skipped across the street, to knock on the door of Mr. Cooper. Art was Matthew’s first piano teacher….and he changed Mayer’s life.

“If there was one thing Art taught me, it was this….to play the notes on your soul, and not just the ones on the page…” – Matthew Mayer

Mayer would eventually go on to self publish his very first solo piano album “Crossing the Bridge” in the spring of 1999…at the age of 20. Fast forward to today, and Mayer’s music can be heard around the globe on Pandora, Apple Itunes, Amazon, and Spotify to name a few.

Mayer is also the Owner/Founder of the immensely popular Solo Piano Platform,, where he features artists from around the world, and helps get Solo Piano artists’ music to new ears.

In 2017, Mayer was chosen as a Jury member for Italy’s Blue Spiral Records for its first ever Minimal Piano Competition, which gave piano players from around the world the opportunity for their own composition to be a part of a compilation project produced and distributed by Blue Spiral Records.

Matthew Mayer currently resides in Omaha, NE.


Mayer is also the Owner and Founder of – one of the best piano websites available today, where well known artists like George Winston, GRAMMY winning artist Laura Sullivan, GRAMMY Nominated David Lanz, and Canada’s Got Talent Judge Stephen Mocchio, are all part of this platform.

In 2016, before switching to a new radio host, Matthew’s piano radio station “The Stream at” hit the number 1 Ranking on of All Easy Listening Stations.

In 2106 Mayer also produced a new Podcast available on iTunes called “Going Solo” interviewing artists and those who have set out on their own path.

Attending the University of South Dakota, Matthew received his MBA, while taking formal piano coaching. After college, Mayer spent a semester co-developing and facilitating a course at USD called ‘The Business of Music.’ This course combined the departments of fine arts and the business school for a class focused on the music industry. After teaching, he moved to California to work at NBC’s entertainment television show Access Hollywood.

“Matt Mayer is not just a writer of music, he is a writer with music!” – George Larrimore, Managing Editor | NBC Universal


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