Matthew Mayer provides the soundtrack of our household. My young kids have grown up listening to his gorgeous talent. When my 6-year-old hears it, he sighs, and whispers, “So soothing.” But for me, it’s more than that: what I love most about Matthew Mayer’s music is that it, at once, stirs up emotions while offering peace. I feel an ache when I hear it. ”

Faith Salie - CBS Sunday Morning & NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me

Matthew Mayer has struck the perfect chord in portraying one of the most important messages needed to be heard today….which is….You ARE Beautiful!”

Shaun Robinson, Host of TLC's 90 Day Fiance, Emmy Award-Winning Journalist, Founder of  S.H.A.U.N. Foundation for Girls (

“Get ready to be transported to the most uplifting place on earth. Every song on Matthew Mayer’s new album BEAUTIFUL YOU lives up to that title…each is beautiful in its own unique way””

— Ryan Patterson, Supervising Producer Access Hollywood, NBC Universal